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We have a comb design for every occasion. From tie-up-and-run, perfect for the busy executive and mom-on-the-go, to our beautifully crafted hair combs for those special occasions. Uppity Combs are made from stainless steel wire. Our metal combs are in a league of their own in comfort and design as it bends to fit your head shape perfectly. The Uppity combs teeth are scientifically spaced to eliminate any hair slicing. We constantly create new color patterns to keep up with fashion and color trends. Please take note that the picture of the comb depicts an example only. We cannot guarantee the exact beads, the placement of the beads, or the pattern of the beads, due to the availability of the beads and the artistic interpretation. What we can guarantee is that the color pallet will be in the same color pallet for your enjoyment creating your hair picasso with our hand-made products made with love. To ensure 100% satisfaction, we would like to ensure you that in the event that you are not happy with our selection we would exchange it until you are satisfied. Please take note that you are purchasing a hand-made product that are limited to the interpretation of the hand weaver. Thank you for your support!

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